Our dedicated Sikh Dharma Education International (SDEI) Board Members provide governance, oversight, and input into Miri Piri Academy’s strategic direction to ensure our school operates safely and effectively, while achieving its mission.

Hari Mandir Singh (MPA Class of 1999) : SDEI Board Chair

Hari Mandir Singh (MPA Class of 1999)

SDEI Board Chair

Hari Mandir SIngh, an MPA graduate from the class of 1999, has made significant contributions to the 3HO community around the world. After completing his studies, he dedicated himself to working within Dharmic businesses, upholding the values he acquired at MPA. Hari Mandir has been an MPA board member since 2021.

Actively engaging in community seva, Hari Mandir participates in the preparation of langar at Guru Ram Das Ashram. He actively teaches and serves at Camp Miri Piri, a renowned program hosted worldwide by Sikh Dharma International. Hari Mandir's is a board member for the Farm Program at Hacienda Guru Ram Das Ashram, overseeing the growth and distribution of vegetables through the Khalsa Family Farm.

Above all, Hari Mandir sees serving the children as his most important mission for the future. Recognizing the significance of immersion in Indian culture, Hari Mandir believes MPA offers invaluable experiences that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Siri Sant Kaur : SDEI Board Vice-Chair

Siri Sant Kaur

SDEI Board Vice-Chair

Siri Sant Kaur joins the SDEI Board with a commitment to educational advancement and community enrichment. She has a deep-rooted connection to MPA developed during her childrens’ time attending the school.

To Siri Sant Kaur and her children, MPA is more than just a school; it's a high-quality home where education extends beyond academics. She recognizes MPA's holistic approach, encompassing moral, physical, and spiritual growth. Siri Sant Kaur emphasizes the transformative impact of MPA's community life, which she sees as a great environment that nurtures students long after they have graduated.

Motivated by a sincere desire to contribute meaningfully, she aims to continue enhancing and improving the MPA experience in meaningful ways for all students.

Harimandir Kaur (MPA Class of 2004) : SDEI Board Secretary

Harimandir Kaur (MPA Class of 2004)

SDEI Board Secretary

Harimandir Kaur's journey with Miri Piri Academy began as a student, where she discovered a profound sense of belonging and purpose. After graduating from MPA, she found herself on a mission to keep MPA alumni connected and inspired by the invaluable experiences they shared.

Harimandir Kaur felt compelled to join the SDEI board, deeply moved by the transformative impact that MPA had on her life, as MPA nurtured her personal growth and instilled spiritual values that equipped her with tools for navigating life's challenges.

She admires MPA’s commitment to nurturing spiritual development, fostering personal discipline, and fortifying mental resilience in students. She values MPA's inclusive approach, which welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds, aligning seamlessly with Sikh philosophy and the school's overarching vision.

Amrit Kaur : SDEI Board Member

Amrit Kaur

SDEI Board Member

Amrit Kaur brings a wealth of educational expertise and a deep personal connection to the SDEI Board. With 14 years of experience as a Montessori teacher in Northern Virginia, she possesses a strong foundation in progressive education principles.

Throughout her time  at MPA, Amrit Kaur has played a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape, organizing and leading the junior program for two years. As a lifelong member of the Sikh Dharma community, she deeply understands the transformative power of holistic education.

Having witnessed her own children thrive at MPA, she is committed to ensuring that every student receives a comprehensive and enriching learning experience. Drawing from her family's experiences with boarding schools in India, Amrit Kaur is eager to support MPA's growth with courage and grace, collaborating with the SDEI team to enhance the school's educational offerings.

Dharamjot Kaur : SDEI Board Member

Dharamjot Kaur

SDEI Board Member

Dharamjot Kaur brings a dedicated spirit and commitment to community service to her role as a member of the MPA board. She sees her board membership as an opportunity to contribute meaningfully alongside like-minded individuals and to strengthen communication with the Chinese community.

Her love for MPA stems from its unwavering dedication to nurturing the spirit of future generations, recognizing it as one of the most valuable endeavors for humanity.

With a focus on inspiring the Chinese community to learn more about MPA, Dharamjot Kaur is committed to fostering inclusivity and broadening the school’s reach. Her passion reflects her dedication to ensuring that all children from different backgrounds have access to the transformative education offered by Miri Piri Academy.

Ruby Kaur : SDEI Board Member

Ruby Kaur

SDEI Board Member

Ruby Kaur brings a diverse background and a deep commitment to community engagement to her role as a member of the SDEI board. Born in India into an Indian Sikh family, raised in Canada, and residing in Espanola, New Mexico, Ruby's unique perspective enriches the board's discussions and decisions.

Ruby's love for MPA stems from witnessing the transformation of radiant, strong, and multi-faceted children and young adults returning from MPA in New Mexico. Inspired by the cohesive community they embodied, she is motivated to contribute positively to MPA's mission.

Ruby is committed to working with the dedicated MPA team to ensure a safe environment, provide quality education, and promote the teachings to the next generation of children. Her focus on fostering a nurturing and inclusive educational environment reflects her dedication to MPA's continued success and growth.