This Sunday, some of the students opted to participate in a 10k run for Amritsar’s 2nd Annual Half-Marathon. They were up and on the bus at 5:45am to run the 10km in the early morning cold and fog! Though it was hard to break away from their Sunday morning sleep-in, everyone I spoke to enjoyed and would do it again. This was the first time MPA has participated in this event and we hope that more students will participate next year.

“I was happy that I kept up the whole time. It was nice running in the fresh morning air and running with other people out in town. I didn’t stop the whole time!” – Vega, Grade 9

“I had an adventure. I enjoyed the whole experience and would do it again, if I could. It made me think that I’d like to run a marathon.” – Saribjot Kaur, Grade 12

“This the first time that I’ve run a 10k. The most I’d done in the past was 5km. Our weekly 3km runs are good preparation but this was very different. We kept a faster pace.” – Caterina, Grade 10

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