Silver House hosted their dinner on Friday night. The theme was Emanuel von Silverhaus’ travels through Europe. During the evening, we visited the Colosseum in Rome and witnessed an ancient battle between gladiators, Mr. von Silverhaus (Premnath) instructed us in how to draw a portrait, using Hargobind as a model, and he also told us the story of Hansel and Gretel, the German, graphic version!

For dinner they served salad, rosemary breadsticks and fresh-baked bread served with garlic, chilli oil. The main course was ratatouille and dessert was a delicious apple crumble with an apple sorbet. They worked well preparing this evening and like, Gold House, everything ran on schedule. They had the extra challenge of having their dinner scheduled for a Friday night which meant lots of preparation through the week and a shortened prep time on Friday.

Squad leaders, Annika and Premnath, worked closely to pull the evening off. The lead cook for Silver House was Joshua. Joshua loves to cook and plans to become a chef. He has worked in several restaurants back home in Germany. Here’s what he had to say about the evening:

“I thought it went pretty well. We didn’t finish cooking our main dish. The vegetables were cut but not all of them were cooked but overall the squad worked better than I imagined. I’m used to working with professionals so I thought I’d have to be behind everyone and pushing them but people surprised me by working really hard.

We had some problems with ingredients. We weren’t able to get the mozzarella we ordered and we also found out quite late that we couldn’t get dry ice. We were planning on making a sorbet with dry ice. This was also part of our entertainment. When this fell through, we had to figure out how to make a sorbet without dry ice.

So the teamwork went really well and so did coming up with new ideas when something didn’t work; everyone was thinking and putting effort into it. About two hours before the dinner, we found out that Jugat Guru was gluten-free again. Without having the bread and the apple crumble, he wouldn’t have had a lot to eat. Ettore decided to make him risotto but I said that we didn’t have the money for that. We didn’t have the budget for that. You can’t do it. We don’t have the time. But he said he had some risotto from Italy and made the risotto and it was great. Like I said, everyone put effort into it and time.

I really liked how the food tasted in the end and I loved the reaction of all the students and staff members. The favourite dishes were the bread sticks and the bread.

Although I work in a kitchen back home, I haven’t worked 10 hours straight before without drinking a lot of water. After dinner I was just sitting there; I couldn’t stand up anymore. Bao fell asleep in a chair. The squad leaders were just totally dead. But it was so fun! After everyone was gone, we started to eat the rest of the food. We were so happy that it was over and we executed it.”

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