A heartwarming event for students and their grandparents

On May 17, the Miri Piri Academy campus was abuzz with excitement and joy as we celebrated Grandparents’ Day, a heartwarming event hosted by Grade 6 students. This day was an integral part of their learning expedition titled “Over the Top!” guided by the question, “How does knowing the past help to explain the present?” This special occasion was dedicated to honouring the wisdom and love of our grandparents, bridging generations through stories, laughter, and shared experiences.

A glimpse into life without modern technology

The event began with a warm welcome to all the grandparents. Darshdeep and Sehajdeep’s grandparents  graced the occasion with their wisdom. They shared captivating stories from their past, offering a glimpse into a world that our young students found both fascinating and inspiring.

Throughout their engaging session, the grandparents reminisced about their childhood and the simple joys of life before the advent of modern technology. The grandparents painted vivid pictures of a time when social interactions were face-to-face, and entertainment was derived from outdoor games, reading, and family gatherings. Their anecdotes about festivals, traditional games, and daily routines transported everyone to a bygone era, stirring a sense of nostalgia among the older attendees and curiosity among the younger ones.

Interactive Q&A intrigues students to learn about the past

MPA students, deeply intrigued by these tales from the past, eagerly participated in an interactive Q&A session. Many of their questions revolved around the theme, “How was life interesting without mobiles?” The grandparents responded with enthusiasm, describing how creativity, imagination, and direct human connections made life rich and fulfilling. They spoke of writing letters to stay in touch, playing outdoor games (Kabaddi, kite flying , Gilli danda, kho kho , kikli and marbles) and spending quality time with family and friends.

One student asked, “What did you do for fun without TV or the internet?” Darshdeep’s grandfather shared how he spent his evenings playing outdoor games like marbles with friends and listening to stories from his grandmother.

Sehajdeep’s grandfather added that community gatherings and local fairs were major sources of entertainment, filled with music, dance, and laughter.

Another student inquired, “How did you communicate with friends and family?” The grandparents explained the joy of receiving handwritten letters and the excitement of surprise visits from loved ones. They emphasized how these methods of communication, though slower, were filled with anticipation and emotional depth.

Exploring the importance of family relations and community

A particularly poignant question was asked about the safety of girls in those times. Students were curious to know, “Were girls safe back then?” The grandparents shared their perspectives, explaining that while societal norms were different, there was a strong sense of community and protection. They discussed how extended families and close-knit communities played a significant role in ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone, including girls. They also reminisced about how they used to play outdoor games until late evening without any sense of insecurity, highlighting the communal vigilance and mutual care. 

Reflections from the celebration

The students were visibly inspired by these stories, gaining a new perspective on the value of face-to-face interactions and the beauty of a simpler lifestyle. 

Along with the students,  teachers also gained insights and had fun with this interaction. As educators, witnessing the interaction between students and grandparents was deeply gratifying. It reinforced the importance of connecting with our roots and valuing the wisdom passed down through generations. 

The celebration ended with a lunch, followed by heartfelt thank-you  from the students to their grandparents, expressing gratitude for their enduring love and the life lessons they impart. The day was a beautiful reminder of the timeless bond between generations and the importance of cherishing and learning from our elders.

This Grandparents’ Day was not just an event; it was a celebration of life, love, and the enduring legacy of our elders.

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