After greeting the Prime Minister at the Harimandir Sahib, we returned back to campus where Canadian Member of Parliament, Randeep Singh Sarai, visited us with his entourage. Randeep Singh has a long relationship with Miri Piri Academy and the Siri Singh Sahib. His parents first encountered the Siri Singh Sahib in 1970; they happened to be at the Golden Temple when the first group of Western Sikhs took Amrit. Later, the Siri Singh Sahib would visit Randeep and his family when he was visiting Vancouver. As a boy, Randeep Singh went to Sunday school lead by Guru Raj Kaur, one of the Siri Singh Sahib’s students. Also attending those Sunday school classes, were Canadian Defence Minister, Harjit Sajjin, and RCMP officer, Baltej Singh Dhillon. The year before Miri Piri Academy came into existence, Randeep was sent by the Siri Singh Sahib to India to serve the junior boys in the year the students were living on Ranjit Avenue. Randeep was also involved in the designing of the MPA campus at that time.

Randeep’s visit to MPA was a positive one. The school has evolved a lot in the past twenty years. We greeted Randeep and his guests at the gate and took them on a tour of the school. Along the way, he met the boys basketball team, he addressed the intermediate students, had some chai and snacks, then shot a couple of hoops with the boys basketball team. Coincidentally, his old friend, Siri Nirongkar Singh (the father of Siri Atma Kaur and Sarib Jot Kaur) was on campus at this time and they enjoyed seeing each other.

Canadian member of parliament, randeep singh, arriving at Miri Piri Academy

Addressing the intermediate students

Shooting some hoops with the boys basketball team

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