We have many students at MPA whose older siblings previously attended the school. This year two of our alumni personally brought their younger siblings to India to begin their new life at MPA. One of those alumni is Akinbola, who brought his brother Olage; the other is Siri Deva Kaur who accompanied her brother Dharampal Singh to the school.

While at MPA Akeen, who is a film director in Atlanta, Georgia, spent time with the boys, playing kabaddi with them and leading soccer practices. Siri Deva Kaur also enjoyed her time here. She recently graduated with a degree in product and transportation design from the Intituto Europeo di Design, Barcelona branch, and is now enjoying five months in and around India before embarking on her new career.

While she was here, I spoke with Siri Deva Kaur about her brother’s decision to come to M
PA and her hopes for him while he’s at the school:
“Dharampal always knew that he was going to come to MPA at some point, he just didn’t know when. He decided that he wanted to come this year because he saw the world and where it was headed, he saw how his friends were growing and what they were interested in, how they were getting into partying and decided that it wasn’t the life he wanted. I think he was a little apprehensive and unsure about whether going to MPA was the right decision but he wanted to try it out.

I’m super excited for my brother. It wasn’t hard to convince him to come because he wanted to, but it was challenging to help him set up the right expectations. I always tell him to think about who you are going to be when this year is done. In my mind, he’s going to be someone who speaks good English – which is something he wants – and he’s going to be in shape and healthy. In a year he will be the person he wants to be, but also so much more. There are many things that come with being at MPA. I know that he’ll have tools to grow. He’ll know how to meditate; he’ll know that he has a back-up if there’s any challenge. He can do yoga or meditation and get more focused. He’s not a very impressionable person, but in a year he’ll be even stronger mentally. He’ll be able to say this is who I am and this is what I want. I’m very excited. I know that he’ll become a great person and grow a lot from being here.”

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