This year’s dinner competitions have begun!

One of the students’ favourite competitions is the dinner competition. It’s an opportunity for the squad to come together to pull off a great evening. Together they must prepare a meal for the rest of the school, set-up a beautiful dinning room, serve their guests, provide entertainment and clean-up.

This year the competition was set-up differently. Instead of giving the houses unlimited time to prepare, we gave the students just three days. On Wednesday night the house picked a theme and corresponding menu prepared by the staff randomly. They then had just three days to plan how they would set-up the dining hall, make menus, prepare entertainment, buy anything extra or special for the event, try out the menu and then prepare it for the whole school.

As this was a new set-up, we weren’t sure how it would turn out or what to expect with the limited time span. If White House is any indication of what’s to come, it will be great. They did a nice job setting up intimate floor seating in the dining hall. To create this warm space they brought in beds from the dorms to use as tables, carpeted the entire area, and hung curtains and lights to make it cozy. They also bought in table cloths, made an altar, hung paintings, scattered flowers on the tables and lit plenty of candles.

The meal was chosen by staff and included spring rolls with peanut sauce, papaya salad, thai curry with rice and coconut sticky rice with mango for dessert. They also served thai iced tea and mojitos. The highlight of the meal for the table I was sitting as was the spring rolls. For entertainment, Lena, Michèle, Elisa and Akashpreet performed a dance.

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