We had an exciting weekend in Delhi at the American Embassy School’s Super Saturday. Each year MPA looks forward to facing off against AES in basketball and soccer. It was a good showing for MPA this year; we came home with 5 wins and 3 losses. There were many exciting games, including the girls basketball win over the AES Varsity Team and the riveting finale when the boys basketball team narrowly lost in overtime to the AES Varsity Team. The cheering in that game reached a fever pitch unlike anything the Embassy had ever seen before. It was a thrill for all present. MPA left the American Embassy School feeling elated; happy to have done so well during this year’s matches. We look forward to seeing them again next year.

Girls Soccer

AES Varsity Team won 5-2 against MPA on the first day. MPA beat the AES Junior Varsity Team 5-1 on day 2. The footage below is the 2nd half of the game against the Junior Varsity Team.


Girls Basketball

The girls basketball team won both of their games. It was a close match with the Varsity Team with MPA winning 29-25. They beat the Junior Varsity Team 35-3. You can watch both games on MPA’s Facebook page.

Boys Soccer

The AES Varsity Team won 6-1 on Friday. On Saturday, MPA beat the Junior Varsity Team 4-3. The video below is of the 1st half of the game against the Junior Varsity Team.

Boys Basketball

Both boys basketball games took place on Saturday near the end of the day. They won the first game against the Junior Varsity team 51-39 and then faced off against the Varsity Team. AES was ahead during the first three quarters but MPA tied it up in the 4th quarter to go into overtime. Unfortunately we lost during the 3-minute overtime with the final score 49-47 for AES. It was an exciting game with MPA picking up serious momentum in the 3rd and 4th quarters. You can watch the 4th quarter, the 3-minute overtime and the excellent cheering below. Both games are up on our Facebook page.

Boys basketball: 4th quarter

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