We’re back in the swing of things here at MPA after the 12th grade class trip, Winter Break and Humanology course. It was a great couple of weeks and a needed break from our usual routine here at MPA but we’re happy to be back now and into the regular schedule. Here’s a look at this year’s Winter Break.

12th Grade Class Trip

The highlight for the grade 12 students is always the 12th grade class trip to Malaysia and Thailand. In Malaysia they participated in a Sikh camp, teaching what they’ve learned here at MPA, before heading to Thailand for fun in the sun. It’s a special opportunity for all of the 12th grade students to spend time together in their final year.

Scavenger Hunt & Beatles Ashram

The rest of the students spent their winter break in Rishikesh, home of the yogis. One of our favourite places to visit is the ‘Beatles Ashram’, the abandoned ashram of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the father of transcendental meditation. There are all kinds of cool buildings and great murals. This year we were surprised to find some fresh paint in the main hall.

After a short trip to the ashram we began our scavenger hunt around Rishikesh, where the students had to find certain locations and fulfill various tasks before reaching the final meeting place. The winning team won lunch for their group.

Christmas at Ramana’s Garden

We spent Christmas morning with the children of Ramana’s Garden. Several of our students have come from Ramana’s Garden over the years and we visit them each year when we’re in Rishikesh. This year we sang songs together and brought presents to share with the children. They were happy to see us and seemed to know more Christmas songs than we did!


On the Train Again

Our journey to and from Rishikesh was a smooth one.

Kris kringle gift exchange

Back at the school and reunited with the grade 12 students, we had our annual Kris Kringle gift exchange, where each student gives a receives a gift from a fellow MPAer. The students and staff spend much of their holidays looking for the perfect gif and enjoy this time together.

New year’s dip at the golden temple

After the gift exchange we headed to the Golden Temple for our New Year’s dip. Like many who start the year off with a cold dip, we plunged into the cold waters of the holy sarovar to start our year refreshed, energized and ready for the year ahead.

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